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Aurora STEAM Academy's
Art Alive

Students design a facade and attach electronics to make it light up, play sounds, and move. They learn how light colors mix and how sound travels. Children learn to code lights, sounds, and motor and add sensors to make their projects interactive.

Grades 1-3
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Aurora STEAM Academy's Roverbot

Customize and assemble your own robots, incorporating electronics, motors, sensors, and a minicomputer. Students learn electronics and coding as they program their bot to move, explore, and interact with the environment.

Grades 4-6
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Coding For Beginners

A complete beginner friendly course on coding. Students will learn the basic principles of coding while creating their own version of the popular mobile game Among Us in Scratch, a coding software designed for beginners.

Grades 4-12
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Grades 4-9

Tinker CAD

Student's learn to design and create 3D models using Tinker CAD and have the opportunity to 3D print and take home their design at the end of the course.

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Adult ELLs

Google Workspace
for Adult ELLs

This beginner's course, specifically designed for adult ELLs helps students work faster and smarter, to do more with Google Workspace (formerly G-Suite). Students will learn to use Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Drive and Gmail.